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Technology Wins.

IT is the foundation of how organizations function today, impacting everything from communication to commerce. Nothing else can quite compete with the power of technology to level the playing field and remove the barriers to reaching your next goal. A well-crafted IT solution will meet your immediate needs and provide long-term benefits such as efficiency, security, and flexibility for changing industry and workplace trends. In this day and age, technology wins.

Who Is White
River Networks?

We are IT engineers at heart and we’ll admit it: sometimes we geek out about technology. But what motivates us most is seeing our clients succeed. Our mission is to bring transformative technology to businesses in central Indiana through holistic solutions, exceptional communication, and the very best selection of IT products. We proudly serve over 65 different businesses with customized IT solutions.


Products & Services

Network & Data Security

We offer free consultation to identify risks and security recommendations.

Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace Management

We can help you make the most of your Office or Google subscription.

Voice Solutions

We are proud to provide in-house voice over IP with cloud-based hosting.

Unified Communications

We integrate voice and messaging to make daily communication seamless.

Managed Tech Support

We provide a variety of IT support plans to fit your needs and relieve your stress.

Internet Installation & Equipment Service

We will work with your ISP to install and maintain your connection.

Cloud Integration

Our user and device cloud solutions are customized to suit your business.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

We offer connectivity, prevention, & recovery action according to your needs.

What Can You Expect from Our Team?

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