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Business Continuity & Data Security

Business Continuity &
Disaster Recovery

Can your business survive a tornado or flood? What about less exciting threats, like a disgruntled employee or spilled coffee? We assess your specific set up and user needs to diagnose limitations and create a custom solution. We offer all of these according to your needs:

  1.   Prevention
  2.   Connectivity
  3.   Recovery Action
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Network & Data Security

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Security is THE hot-button issue for all lines of business and will continue to persist and grow. All facets of your digital world need to be secured but how should you go about it? We will provide a free consultation to determine your current risk level, identify the appropriate risk threshold for your organization, and then recommend the best methods to protect the way you use your data.

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Our data and security products include

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From computer backup to data recovery, White River Networks is committed to keeping your business data safe and your doors open 24/7/365.

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