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Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace Management

Microsoft 365
Management & Security

Microsoft 365 is a great choice for small and medium businesses and is easy to start but can be difficult to perfect. Most people are only using about 40% of the capabilities of this subscription. Maybe your business started using Microsoft 365 for email only, but now you’re ready to utilize more features. We will help you make the most of your application.

Hidden security holes of Microsoft 365 can wreak havoc on your work and security. White River Networks can be a trusted partner to manage your Microsoft 365 subscription while helping you keep the same monthly subscription cost.

We offer free security auditing of 365 Environments.

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One Drive

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Document Libraries

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Teams Apps & Communication

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Google Workspace Management


The second largest platform for businesses to perform word-processing, communication, data storage, and more. Perhaps Google Workspace is the ideal tool for your company. With comprehensive security and backup of your Google Workspace, we can help you leverage the full-value of your Google Workspace environment. White River Networks can set it up, clean it up, and make the platform as efficient as possible for your team to use day-to-day.

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