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Internet Installation & Equipment

You have many choices on internet service and internet backups. Internet service reliability is an important part of business continuity as hosted services continue to dominate the market. Internet providers are not known for their great customer support and often oversell on your needs. White River Networks will quote, schedule, and assist the ISP in installing the right connection. We will also provide technical support and work with your provider to keep services and equipment up-to-date and fully functional.

Your connection to the internet is the most important part of your business when you use any type of technology. Your connection needs to be secure and reliable. White River Networks installs Cisco Meraki™, Ubiquiti Unifi™, and HP Aruba™ network solutions, depending on your needs.

Network Integration Services

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Your network is the hub of your business: the place where data is stored, information is organized, procedures are preserved, and communication occurs daily. It goes without saying that a fragmented network hurts efficiency and puts your organization at risk of data loss and downtime.

Tired of paying licensing fees? Our hybrid cloud model helps you get the biggest bang for your buck without sacrificing the modern amenities of cloud-enabled infrastructure.

Let our highly-trained IT team ensure your network is fully integrated and set up to benefit your business’ long-term.

Our hardware products include

Device Integration Options

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Environmental Sensors

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Wireless Bridging

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Door Sensors

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